Turos Tem

The most northerly of the old Imperial fortresses in Estiria, the fastness at Turos Tem is nearly identical in design to Imperial border forts across the entire Successor States, featuring a pair of infantry barracks, a cavalry barracks, a hospital, chapterhouse, and a villa for the ruling Legate.

Duke Ulrand Valerian rules North Hold from here, though his men mostly still refer to him as “Legate”, a mistake he casually accepts as an acknowledgement of his rank. The Duke is a charismatic and well-skilled leader but unfortunately left lacking in manpower and resources, and so he is forced to rely on adventurers to maintain his holdings. His wife Celena maintains a grip on local politics of her own.

The Hospital is run with an iron fist by the Priestess Genelen, a devotee of the Bringer of Peace who brooks little nonsense from her underlings but flirts outrageously with her patients herself. It is well-outfitted and has the benefit of a supernaturally-skilled leader.

The Chapterhouse contains the fort’s Annals (its official records) and is maintained by the mage named Malyn. He is a powerful spellcaster, but prefers to remain inside with his books and his laboratory.

Current Events

As of June 376, the fortress is on a war footing, though manpower is still drastically low. Multiple patrols have been lost and desertion is dangerously high. The legate has chosen to move the population of Sakkara south and has begun the process of calling in his feudal levies, though it will be some time before they can be brought into play; not to mention that despite his rank of Duke (granted in reference to his control of one of the Grand Forts of Estiria) he has very few vassals since the North is so sparsely settled.

Turos Tem

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