North Hold

The northern-most legature of the former Tirenea Province was by far the most sparsely populated part of the entire Onyx Empire, excepting perhaps the Great Empty that lies between the city-states of the Bargainer’s League. It was most notably a region dedicated to military defence; an ablative layer defending the province against the beastmen that have infested the Great Forest for millennia. It suffered quite severely in the Retrenchment, with only a portion of a legion left in Turos Tem and much of the garrison of Turos Kalar stripped.

After the fall of the Empire, the fortresses of the north began to suffer even more, with desertion running extremely high, and only the personal magnetism of then-Legate Hieras Valerian kept the northern region in existence. Yet when the Pale Death swept south, the fragmentary Northern legion could do nothing to stop them. The first news of the invasion was a terrified escapee from Turos Kalar; the second a runner on a fast horse from Siadonos; and by the time the Legion could muster and march, in truth the war was already over.

When the Legion arrived at Siadonos, they met the horde coming in the opposite direction, burning and killing as they went The Legate brought his Legion to war with the remnants, and it was there he fell in battle, right before the eyes of his child Ulrand.

Since then Ulrand Valerian has ruled Turos Tem as much as the last remaining Legate of the Empire as the Duke of North Hold. He has few vassals in this lightly-populated area; his cousin Aligar the Bear rules from Aligar Castle to the southeast, and a portion to the west of his domain is ruled by the Spell-Wright named Asandar from the ancient Tower At Rannir that looms over the village of Rannir. Finally, to the south the goatherders of the gully-lands are protected by Lord Rezo from his castle at Woodstead. He has only one significant urban area in his realm, the town of Sakkara. Beyond that, a lot of his ostensible domain is empty and untouched yellow-grass gully-land.

North Hold

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