Common Adventurer Templates from the Onyx Remnant

Assassins: Cutthroat, Assassin-for-Hire, Betrayer, Infiltrator
Bards: Wandering Minstrel, Charlatan, Swashbuckler, Historian, Spy, Aristocrat
Fighters: Thug, Guardsman, Gladiator, Legionary
Mages: Necromancer, Elementalist, Magical Scholar, Warmage, Court Magist
Venturers: Bankrupt, Merchant Mariner, Caravaneer, Comprador

Other Classes from the Onyx Remnant

Normal: Thieves, Elf Spellswords, Elf Nightblades, Elf Enchanters, Grand Alchemists, Dwarven Vaultguards

Uncommon: Clerics, Paladins, Bladedancers, Mystics, Witches


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