Ulrand Valerian

Current Duke-Legate of North Hold


Ulrand stands just over 6’, and has muddy green eyes, an aquiline nose, and salt-and-pepper hair combed forward over a proud forehead. While inside the fort his sword, named Reletine, is kept locked away except during battles.


Duke-Legate Ulrand Valerian is the current ruler of North Hold and the master of the fortress at Turos Tem. He is a skilled general and warrior with a lengthy history of military successes compared to only a few failures, and possesses sufficient personal charisma alongside his reputation to maintain his position without need of excessive cruelty or punishment.

Though he is considered by some more southern nobles to be reserved or even a little dour, Ulrand is merely very private. His youth was spent adventuring with his friends Asandar the Spell-Wright and Selene, the current Mistress of Blades in the capital; he returned home in time to witness his father’s death at the hands of the remnants of the Pale Death’s army and ascend to replace him. His marriage to Celena (whose similarity in name and looks to his former ally Selene was noted by many gossip-mongers) has produced no offspring; at present his cousin Aligar the Bear is next in line to the Ducal throne while his brother Rezo rules over the southern region from his fort at Woodstead.

Ulrand Valerian

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