Spell-Wright and Lord of Rannir


Asandar is a very well-preserved man in his early 40s. He usually wears a thick beard and a pointed hat when visiting or receiving visitors, but prefers simple trews to robes and finery when working alone.


Asandar began to develop talent as a mage in his teens and his father, a wealthy man with interests in the jewellery trade, arranged for him to enter into an apprenticeship with an Onyx wizard, perhaps in the hope of using this “gilded” son as a way to break the Onyx markets. Asandar quickly tired of the apprentice’s life and ran away, embarking on an adventuring lifestyle alongside Ulrand Valerian and a powerful Blade-Dancer named Selene.

When the group’s adventures were cut short by Ulrand’s sudden elevation to the rank of Duke, Asandar decided to settle down. Granted the village of Rannir and its attendant domains, he engaged his summoned entities to build him a great tower, then settled in to study the Spell-Wright’s art in earnest. He remains there now; holding the western border of North Hold via the use of his fearsome summoned creatures; though he enjoys the fear they impart, he makes a point of allowing the people to see him as a person as much as possible.


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