Chronicles of Azoth

Session 1 - New Beginnings!

The first session was relatively quiet, though it began to pick up steam as the world grew in the players imagination.

In attendance:

Leandro Rebes, Fighter 1, a Mercenary from the Bargainer’s League with a powerful grudge. (Matthew)
Guillermo Acosti, Grand Alchemist 1, a seeker of secrets from the far-off city of Candleton. (Delwyn)
Marit, Explorer 1, a skilled Monster Hunter from the violent hills of Estiria. (Catherine)

Leaving Siadonos in order to travel to Turos Tem and investigate the forces attacking Sakkara, our heroes began the march north. Within a few hours of leaving the city gates, the sharp eyes of the Explorer Marit uncovered a nest of Giant Bombardier Beetles chewing at the roots of a bush.

Deciding that the acid glands of the beetles (not to mention saving the livestock of local farmers from bombardier beetle attacks) were worth the risk, the heroes plunged into the fray. Though the shells of the beasts were tough, the beetles were slow and possessed poor eyesight; Marit and Guillermo sniped with impunity while Leandro halted the beetle’s advance. Soon enough the beetles lay dead and their valuable acid glands liberated.

After visiting the famous inn at Lacksong, our heroes traversed the long and arduous road to the north of Estiria. Foraging and trapping along the way, they made their way along the slowly-diminishing Imperial road, and a little less than 20 miles from the village of Sakkara they discovered a terrible and grisly sight; a full double-patrol of Estirian soldiers lay dead, partially cooked, and decomposing in the early summer sun. A bleak symbol of the terrible Black Fang tribe of gnolls was left on a bank nearby.

After doing what they could to lay the fallen to rest, the heroes decided to skip Sakkara itself and head straight to Turos Tem. The Imperial fortress was impressive indeed, and the adventurers made their way through the collonades to eventually meet with the Duke himself, Ulland Valerian. With the Duke taking the educated Guillermo as a friend, the discussion was easy and the Duke let them know about several local secrets. As the Duke and Duchess retired for their late afternoon meal and our heroes considered their next move, we took the opportunity to end the session.

Gold gained: 80 (plus some silver from hides).
XP gained: 80


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