The large island known as Alaria has seen numerous civilisations rise and fall over the millennia, and most have left their mark upon the scenery in one way or another. Perhaps the most well known is the poisoned Waste, but the whole Greensward is pockmarked with ruins and tumbledowns marking what once might have been a huge fastness or bustling metropolis. In amongst these reminders of the past, the civilisations of the present continue to carefully make their way in the world.

This page links to wiki pages that describe the current political entities in the region. Many are little more than city-states claiming their hinterlands and nearby resource centres, though a few more organised or ascendant nations claim large swathes of land.

The Successor States
Onyx Remnant
Mahari Dominion
Bargainer’s League

The Mountain Nations
Ancient Ganost

The Broken Lands
Onyx Isle
Bloodmist Isle
The Crawls

Ancient Remnants
The Elven Courts
The Centaur Raiders

The East
The Waste
Far Aramas
Ydghir Holds
The Mosquito Lands


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