Academic with no upper body strength


Maeralya is a young woman who has travelled down from the Elven courts to learn about foreign cultures and customs while simultaneously avoiding the strange and intricate customs of the Reed elves, where she felt she couldn’t say or do anything without sticking her foot in her mouth.
She is physically weak and not yet used to life as an adventurer, but trusts in Leandro to keep her safe and protect her from any monsters they might find… even when those plans to keep her safe involve disassembling her cart and using it as a giant shield. To give her peace of mind when he is not around, she has purchased a giant war hound to protect her from anything which might wish to harm her.
Her current goal is to find out as much as possible about the history of the humans living on Alaria and potentially unearth great and ancient artifacts with which real adventurers, like Marit and Leandro, can combat the Lady Below.

Maeralya was slain by Minotaurs in an unexpected encounter on 20th June 376YE. Her body was given an extensive (and expensive) funeral and her “family friend” Junwatu returned to the Elven Courts to report the loss of a First Thread in the human lands.


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