Leandro Rebes

Tall, dark, and angry.


The path that lead Leandro to that of a mercenary is one familiar to most in the trade one of fire and blood.
As the second son of the affluent house of Rebes Leandro was expected to pursue a martial career by his parents, as his elder was to take over the duties of the house. He relished this, throwing himself into the role with a laughing smile. Smart and strong, Leandro was beginning to make a name for himself in Greenbasin at the time of the massacre.

What happened there few survivors shall mention, least of all Leandro. Even so young as the tender age of 15, his smile disappeared to be replaced by hideous scars and a jaded sourness. Bearing the scratched heraldry of his destroyed brethren he walked a path to revenge.

He spent many years traveling as a mercenary, a sword for hire for any opportunity to hunt and slay beastmen, the object of his hatred. He kept the company of those like himself and, over the years to follow, his refinement was replaced by an almost feral savagery. His accent was ground away, taking on instead one of the common mercenaries that surrounded him.

Still, he did not forget his purpose. The fire that had been lit at the massacre still burn in his eyes and his mind is set. Leandro of Greenbasin, of the house of Rebes. This is the name he wishes to resurrect, through blood and gold.

For now, to most he is simply Leandro. The world, however, moves quickly.

Leandro Rebes

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